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Vortex Grit Removal

Grit removal from wastewater is very important to reduce operational problems of the wastewater treatment plants and to reduce maintenance of the mechanical equipment installed in it. Grit and other solids can increase wear of the mechanical equipment, causes pipe blockage, can settle and reduce the effective volume of the treatment basins. McEnvirotech Vortex Grit Chambers are designed to separate grit from organics and raw sewage water.

Vortex Grit Removal Process

Screened wastewater enters the VGC tangentially and creates a vortex current. As the VGC is designed to handle variable flow, a specially designed agitator rotates and maintains a constant rotational velocity inside the VGC chamber. Under the influence of centrifugal force and gravity, grit and other solids quickly collect to the centre of the grit chamber, enter the grit hopper, and settle down along the sloping floor.


• Compact design to save construction cost

• Robust design, simple in operation and low energy consumption

• Wide operational range for grit removal

• Highest & consistent grit removal efficiency upto <0.1 mm

• Very low pressure drop , higher operation efficiency .

• System comes alongwith gear drive agitator for long service life

• Available in SS and CS material. Concrete design option is also available.

• Options available with airlift pump OR grit pump for grit removal .

• Low in maintenance cost, high in operational efficiency.