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Ion Exchange Resin

McE, supplies deferent form of ion exchange resin for DM Plant, Water Softener , Anionic resin, Cationic resins , mixed bed resins and specialty resin application for iron removal, fluoride & arsenic removal. These resins have long service life, high ion exchange capacity and low regenrant consumption. A wide range of ion exchange resins are available in various sizes, ionic forms, and purity ranges offering a variety of purification solutions for water treatment process applications.


Softner Resin

McE high grade Water softener resin provides a high quality soft water with high exchange capacity and required less regeneration salt.

DM Plant Resin

We McE supply resins for DM and mixed bed Systems . We offers a wide range of water treatment resins that includes Cation Resin, Anion Resin, Mixed Bed Resin. Our resins are passed through stringent industrial standards test , providing our customers superior products at best price that ensure higher plant efficiency and best water quality.

Mix Bed Resin

Mix Bed resin produce high purity water is required for Boiler , electronics, Pharmaceuticals , superconductors manufacturing etc. The purification process is usually carried out in many steps with “mixed bed columns” at the end of the treatment process to get high quality water for various process applications.


Product Category:

Strong acid cation resins

Weak acid cation resins

Strong base anion resins

Weak base anion resins

Speciality Resins: Iron ,fluoride , and arsenic removal media and color removal resin etc.